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Terms and conditions


Purchase from webshop

Registered users may purchase any of the webshop item  on

How to obtain your order?

1. In person (by cash/credit or debit card) by appointment at the address: H-1077 Budapest, Király u. 77. (Shop entrance in Csengery Street)

2. After a bank (or PayPal) transfer:Having received your order, we will send you a confirmation email containing the total sum of your order as well as our bank account details. As soon as the sum is credited to our bank account, the item(s) will be shipped to the required address.

The ordered items will be shipped within three working days.

Delivery fees

Postal fee will be calculated in accordance with the relevant regulations of the TNT Parcel Service. The weight of the parcel depends on the actual item(s) and the packaging material. The delivery fee is covered by the customer at all times.

Item conditions

New - the item is new, unused

Like new - Despite some use, the product is in excellent condition

Good -The item is in good condition, even though some minor defects are visible

Fair - The item has clearly been used, even more signficant defects are possible

Poor - The item is in poor condition but can still be used, however it does need repair.


Any article may be returned if it does not correspond with the seller's description. Returns should be advised as soon as possible. The cost of returning material incorrectly described shall be the responsibility of the seller. The material should be in the same condition as when supplied.


Tel.: +36 30 222 76 50



Adam Bosze






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